Awareness raising through Webinar Series

Friday, 11 Dec 2020

The EELA project has various stakeholders that need to be engaged at different stages of the project, and through different communications channels and tools. The advent of covid19 has also presented a different dimension to the project execution where physical meetings for agreeing on Drafts MEPS for lighting has been a challenge both at national and regional level.

EELA’s success hinges on its ability to keep a remarkably diverse and wide range of stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project cycle. This entails undertaking simultaneously a mix of internal, advocacy and behavioural change communication efforts in the two regions and in countries where the policies in place and the awareness levels about energy efficiency differ greatly.

It is on this note that the EELA project hosted a series of webinars between September to December 2020 covering various topics. These include:

  1. Enabling Policies for a Market Transformation Towards EELA – 29 September 2020
  2. Opportunities for the private sector participation in EELA – 21 October 2020
  3. Putting a gender lens on EELA – 11 November 2020
  4. Market Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement for EELA – 4 December 2020

The objectives of the webinar series were:

  1. Guide Member States in formulation and implementation of Energy Efficiency Policies
  2. To facilitate the participation of the private sector energy service suppliers and energy users in energy efficiency markets in SADC and EAC member states.
  3. Provide technical assistance for establishment of mechanisms and conducting market surveillance for EE product groups
  4. To promote gender mainstreaming in energy efficiency value chains

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