EELA takes extra steps to boost the development of MEPS for lighting at the National level in EAC and SADC countries

Friday, 11 Dec 2020

Further to the development of regional MEPS for lighting earmarked for implementation in the EAC and SADC countries; EELA provides short-term technical assistance on-need basis to support the MEPS development process at national level. This is one of the EELA measures to address the challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic on physical meetings for the National Technical Committees to finalise the discussion on the draft regional MEPS.This support has so far been provided to the National Technical Committees for Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Other countries such as Kenya, Rwanda are yet to be assisted.

The EELA project is supporting EAC and SADC member states in the development of national EELA projects to supplement the regional EELA project. Since the EELA Project covers the EAC and SADC regions, implementation of energy efficiency projects at the national level will contribute to increased diffusion of energy efficient lighting and appliances. The national projects are being supported by the EELA project upon request from the member states in the EAC and SADC regions.

The national EELA project proposal for Kenya was finalised and the potential funders are being identified. The national EELA projects for Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe are being drafted with support from the EELA Project Coordination Unit (PCU).

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