Start Up Energy Transition Award 2022

Monday, January 31, 2022

The Start Up Energy Transition Award is an international competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide who are working on ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change.


  1. Clean Energy Generation - Key words (not limited to): heat generation; clean cooling; alternative fuels; solar; wind; Power-to-X; maintenance infrastructures
  2. Demand-side Innovation - Key words (not limited to): smart devices; insulation; prosumers; green buildings; retrofitting; heat recovery; big-data energy footprint; net-zero communities
  3. Energy Distribution and Storage - Key words (not limited to): grid mgmt systems; smart platforms; AI; blockchain; digital twinning; storage; conflict and rare-earth free materials; batteries; big-data; grid stability; grid flexibility; sector-coupling
  4. Smart Mobility & Transportation - Key words (not limited to): public transport; logistics management; shipping and freight; public planning; electrification; infrastructure; alternative modes of transport
  5. Quality Energy Access & SDG-7 - Key words (not limited to): SDG-7; the Energy Trilemma; equity; affordability; access; reliability: resource management; environmental sustainability; social entrepreneurship; cooperation; impact and scale


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Start Up Energy Transition Award 2022

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