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Submitted by philimon on Thu, 06/06/2024 - 11:09
Representatives attending the ERNEGICA meeting in Freetown Sierra Leone

The journey towards sustainable energy solutions took a significant leap forward as the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREEE) participated in the 5th Consortium meeting for the ENERGICA Project. This pivotal gathering took place from May 28-30, 2024, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and marked a milestone in the collaborative efforts to enhance energy access and foster a green transition across urban and rural areas in Africa.

The ENERGICA Project, standing  for Energy Access and Green Transition Collaboratively Demonstrated in Urban and Rural Areas in Africa, is an ambitious initiative aimed at revolutionizing the energy landscape in Africa. The project brings together over 28 partners from Africa and Europe to address the pressing need for sustainable and accessible energy solutions across the continent to match local contexts' needs.

SACREEE, is primarily involved in supporting the deployment of innovative cross-sector productive nano-grids in Madagascar. These nano-grids are designed to provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions, particularly in off-grid areas.

The Consortium meeting served a crucial role in reviewing the progress made so far and planning the upcoming deliverables. The discussions were centered around assessing the status of various work packages, identifying challenges, and strategizing on the next steps to ensure the successful implementation of the project’s objectives.

The meeting also highlighted the collective commitment of various stakeholders towards achieving sustainable energy solutions in Africa. SACREEE’s involvement underscores the innovative and novel approaches being undertaken to address energy challenges. As the project progresses, it holds the promise of transforming the energy landscape and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


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