Asteria Markus

Asteria Markus is the Project Support on the Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances (EELA) project which is being implemented in SADC and East African Community (EAC) and supporting different projects at SACREEE.

Before joining SACREEE, Ms. Markus previously worked for the European Union Delegation to Namibia as an Event Coordinator and Documents Management Officer. Her previous experience in both national and international organizations include project management, coordination, negotiation, research, information analysis, events planning and facilitation. She was also involved in the formulation of the Namibian National Rural Development Policy while working as a Secretary to the Director of Rural Development Directorate at the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. She believes the solution to energy poverty and climate change includes the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency together with better knowledge and approaches by relevant stakeholders including the energy poor communities. Ms. Markus is a certified Policy Officer in European and International Organizations with intercultural experience. She obtained her Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance in June 2018 from the International Institute for European Education (called CIFE - Centre International de Formation Européenne). The programme took place in France and Germany followed by a technical study tour in Belgium.


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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 to Thursday, March 30, 2023

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