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SACREEE was established to contribute towards increased access to modern energy services and improved energy security across the SADC Region through the promotion of market-based uptake of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficient (EE) technologies and energy services.

SACREEE has a mandate to build the capacities of market enablers and market players to develop and implement renewable energy and energy efficiency investment projects/ programs in the region.

The following activities are geared at enhancing the capacity of stakeholders in the SADC Member States in Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE):

  1. Regional capacity needs assessment to identify the needs of all public and private energy stakeholders;
  2. Regional multi-year capacity development strategy encompassing the training needs of different stakeholders at different levels;
  3. Establishment of SADC Network of certified trainers, along with training modules and certification processes;
  4. Establishment of a web-based interactive portal for the trainings as part of the SACREEE website;
  5. Trainings on policies, RE&EE aspects, grid integration, energy management, system optimisation, etc.
  6. Training of national accreditation bodies on accrediting of Energy Management Standard.