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SACREEE was established to contribute towards increased access to modern energy services and improved energy security across the SADC Region through the promotion of market-based uptake of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficient (EE) technologies and energy services.

Through our Knowledge Management and Awareness activities, we harvest and share information on good (and poor) practices to support implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency investment projects/ programs, and communicate progress made in scaling up access to energy services.

These activities will also seek to strengthen regional integration by developing cross-border cooperation. To that end, the formation of regional associations for RE and EE market players is facilitated. Their linking with other similar associations and agencies in other regions around the world is also encouraged.


Knowledge Management and Awareness Activities Examples

  • Building an online renewable energy resources atlas for the region and link it to other global atlases.
  • Establishing 'ECOWREX', a web-based information sharing system.
  • Creating a database of RE&EE Business contacts.
  • Establishing and maintaining the SACREEE website.
  • Organizing conferences on different RE&EE aspects.